Jij in hun wereld!

Who we are

Every year a number of people feel called to serve God and to testify of His love in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe. Some people have known from an early age that they want to go on a mission to help people somewhere in the world, who live in poverty or do not yet know God. Other people book a ticket, go out into the world, gain experience in a missionary project for a short or longer period of time and are then called by God to go abroad for a longer period of time. God goes a different way with everyone. We may all serve Him in our own way in both word and deed.


If you experience a calling and if you are considering going abroad, this probably raises a number of questions:

– Where do you start?
– How do you build a solid network around you that will be there for you and helps you when you are abroad?
– What does it mean to be commissioned from a church or congregation?
– Which missionary or development aid organization is best for you? Or are you going to work in a project of a local, foreign foundation?
– And where are you going to work? Will it be Ghana, Uganda, Cambodia, Peru, Romania or …?
– How do you get your commission practically and financially done?

InToMission is happy to help you with these and other questions! We want to search together with you for the way God wants to go with you.

Vision and mission

Our vision:
Our desire is for missionary workers to be inspired and equipped to carry out their mission, so that God’s love becomes visible worldwide. We want to strengthen them practically, personally, socially and spiritually through cross-cultural guidance, coaching and training.


Our mission:

We guide, coach and train people who want to make a difference in the lives of people around the world based on God’s calling. We offer them independent cross-cultural guidance during their preparation, mission and return.

Working method

We would like to talk to you about your vision and how you want to shape this in your new work and life. We can guide you in setting up a support team. We also like to help you very practically in drawing up a budget. We want to offer every missionary worker the opportunity to make use of independent cross-cultural guidance. Our desire is that you can follow your calling and passion in a healthy way. That you know who you are, what you can do, what you are called for and how you can realize that abroad. InToMission has guided many missionary workers worldwide in recent years. You can read exactly how we do this here.

Core values

The core values that we take into account in all our guidance and coaching programmes are:

  1. Christian identity. We work respectfully and lovingly after the example of Jesus.
  2. Focused on connection. We want to connect you with God, your church, your home front, the country you are going to and the people you are going to serve there.
  3. Commissioning from a church congregation. We find it important that your church or congregation supports your mission.
  4. Time and attention. We want to get to know you as you are and get the best out of you.
  5. Focused on development. Development of you as a person and of you in your new (team) role.
  6. Intercultural connection. We want to help you fit in smoothly and well with the new culture in which you come.
  7. Independence. We want you to feel safe with us. That you can trust us because we do not pass on information to third parties without your permission.

Name and Logo

Our name
Our name consists of two parts: `In Mission’ and `To Mission’. ‘To Mission’ stands for the guidance of people who are preparing to go abroad for a short or longer period of time. ‘In Mission’ is aimed at people who are already working on their mission abroad and who want to develop themselves further or talk about what they are up against. We believe that guidance and coaching are of great value in both phases. And also in the phase after that, when returning to the Netherlands. Another big chance. InToMission can help you pick up the thread and shape your mission here in the Netherlands.


Our logo
Our logo represents what InToMission stands for. We’re in the middle of the world (InTo is in the globe for that reason) and we have a Mission. Our mission is to support and guide you in your calling. We now mainly support Dutch people who are (or will be) working in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe. But we dream, in cooperation with other organizations, to offer our expertise worldwide and also to assist foreign missionary workers. The T (the cross) in the logo of InToMission symbolizes the faith from which we do our work. Jesus Christ is a great example for us in serving people. Just like Him, we want to offer people a listening ear, questioning, advising, mirroring and above all, walk with them and find His way for them.


Would you like to know more about us or discover how we can help you realize your mission?