Jij in hun wereld!

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa, Asia, Middle East. Europe, Latin America, the Netherlands or other places in the world?
Our passion is that you can pursue your dream and calling as healthy as possible!

What we do

You want to go into missions, but you don’t know how yet…

Back in the Netherlands. What then? Looking ahead to what you can do with your experience

Everntything is too much for you at the moment. You want to enjoy it, but you simply don’t know how to

Crosscultural training is indispensable for your mission

Discover your unique communication style and improve the way you comunicate

Growing up in a different culture. How does that impact you and your family?


Our Team

Margriet Muurling
Marinka Deddens
Hillie van der Horn
Maaike van der Toorren
Harmen en Marianne
Harmen en Marianne van Hasselt
Miranda Swijnenburg

TCK Team

Maaike van der Toorren
Jonne Knevel
Natalie Knevel

Where are the missionary workers we mentor located?